Pioneering Nano Guidance for Risk Informed Decisions

Manufacturers of nanomaterials within the DOD and industry face uncertainty regarding the environmental health and safety (EHS) effects of the materials. Much remains unknown regarding how nanomaterials behave, including questions about the nature of nanoparticles vs. nanostructures, nano vs. bulk materials, time release dependencies, and which dose metric is best for expressing the EHS of nanomaterials. While the scientific and regulatory communities are struggling with these issues, nanomaterial producers lack clear guidance about the type of EHS information that needs to be generated to make risk-informed decisions and meet regulatory compliance. Absence of such a process results in high uncertainty, potential liabilities, and overly conservative assumptions regarding nanotechnology which impedes or completely prevents the acquisition of important capabilities

ERDC is developing a process to generate all the necessary data to expedite regulatory compliance needs

  • Single set of rules for all technologies
  • Tiered process to save time and money(below)


Charges from Army & Industry Developers

  • Develop screening tools integrating complex data
  • Establish consistent EHS framework for compliance
  • Increase relevance to in-use nanotechnologies (instead of only considering nanoparticle ingredients
  • Develop the industry standard for EHS assessments


  • Enable rapid fielding of sustainable nanotechnologies
  • Avoid acquisition delays; time and money saved
  • Reduce liabilities (avoid overly conservative precautionary principle)
  • Provide sustainable / green nanotechnologies
  • Encourage paradigm shift to regulate complete technologies, not individual ingredients (nanoparticles)