Providing Complete
Nanomaterial Analysis

To enable the Army to respond rapidly to technological evolution and inform environmentally sustainable technology design, the ERDC has created the Advanced Material Risk Assessment Focus Area. A leader in nanomaterial evaluation over the entire technology life cycle, the program offers cutting-edge capabilities in material characterization, computational modeling, fate and transport assessment, toxicity analysis, and risk management. As part of a strategy to promote innovation and advanced technologies, the ERDC offers these complete life cycle analysis capabilities to all organizations and their researchers.

Analysis slide shows molecular models and the terms activity, properties, and interactions.
Guidance slide shows two military men in silhouette climbing a structure with a sky blue background. The terms, site studies, biological testing, resource leveraging, release & fate potential, and a title below, Starting Product.

Pioneering Nano Guidance
for Risk Informed Decisions

The Advanced Materials team is currently working to develop clear guidance on the type of EHS information needed by technology developers in order to make risk-informed decisions and meet regulatory compliance. This guidance process will result in lower uncertainty and enable sustainable development, transition and acquisition.

NANO Tools


Establish ERDC as a primary source for Army and USACE customers to assess and execute safe and rapid development and deployment of nanocomposites, advanced materials and sensors from advanced manufacturing. We will develop a complementary capability on the military side and industry as it relates to DoD and Army mission goals. Customers can utilize ERDC’s expertise and knowledge first for consultation or evaluation of materials followed by hazard, exposure, and risk assessments as needed.