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Providing Complete
Nanomaterial Analysis

To enable the Army to respond rapidly to technological evolution and inform environmentally sustainable technology design, the ERDC has created the Advanced Material Risk Assessment Focus Area. A leader in nanomaterial evaluation over the entire technology life cycle, the program offers cutting-edge capabilities in material characterization, computational modeling, fate and transport assessment, toxicity analysis, and risk management. As part of a strategy to promote innovation and advanced technologies, the ERDC offers these complete life cycle analysis capabilities to all organizations and their researchers.

Presenting the
NanoExPERT Tool Suite

There is a need for resources that help expedite environmental regulatory decisions and foster technology development in the context of addressing potential environmental health and safety risk concerns. The Nanomaterial Risk Assessment Focus Area has developed a suite of tools, known as NanoExPERT that enables researchers to predict the potential environmental risks associated with nanomaterials over the lifecycle of the technology. NanoExPERT tool applications extend beyond the Army, to DoD, university, and industry researchers involved in nanomaterial research or product development capabilities to all organizations and their researchers.

Pioneering Nano Guidance
for Risk Informed Decisions

The Advanced Materials team is currently working to develop clear guidance on the type of EHS information needed by technology developers in order to make risk-informed decisions and meet regulatory compliance. This guidance process will result in lower uncertainty and enable sustainable development, transition and acquisition.


Enabling Soldier Technology Development

Due to the unknown risks associated with advanced and emerging materials to human and environmental health, informed technology design is needed to minimize any potential harm to the environment and allow valuable technologies to make their way into Soldier hands. The ERDCs Advanced Materials risk research focuses on enabling technology development for US Soldiers.

Supporting Environmental Sustainability

The knowledge gained through life cycle-based assessments will ensure that Soldier nanotechnology design moves rapidly towards effective, environmentally safe products that will benefit the Soldier for years to come. The program has developed risk characterization and management capabilities to support the environmental sustainability objectives of the U.S., as outlined by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI).