Tools and Resources

NanoEXPERT Tool Suite

Nano Materials Experiment Based Predictor of Environmental Risk and Toxicity
Designed to assist users to visualize toxicity associated with different nanomaterial characteristics including toxicity thresholds, bioaccumulation, environmental modifying factors, dose metrics, number density, surface area, nanoparticle interaction modeling, comprehensive environmental assessment and biological uptake. Demo Video Link to Tool


Nano-Enabled Navigation for Product Acquisition and Liability
Enables businesses and others in nano-manufacturing to access information needed to make informed decisions about producing or integrating nano-scale materials in products. These resources will help businesses evaluate the environmental health and safety (EHS) risks associated with nano products, and understand regulatory statutes in the United States to facilitate compliance. Demo Video Link to Tool


Nano Guidance for Risk Informed Deployment
Designed to guide users through a tiered testing framework to help characterize the durability, degradation, potential for nano-scale material release and environmental health and safety implications of nano-enabled products. Demo Video Link to Tool


Insurance for Nano-focused Small Businesses
Helps nano-focused small businesses better understand the insurance process, as well as the steps they can take to reduce product uncertainties that might cause an insurer to either decline to insure or only offer a policy that is prohibitively expensive (requires Google Chrome). Link to Tool


Particle Tracking Model (PTM)
Designed to allow users to simulate localized particle transport processes which appropriately represents transport, settling, deposition, mixing and resuspension processes in nearshore wave/current conditions. Demo Video Link to Tool Available Soon


Life Cycle Assessment Supports Nano-Enabled Product Development
for Small Businesses

Proactive and systematic approaches like Life Cycle Assessment can help small businesses identify stages of their product life cycle that require improvement - either from an efficiency or safety standpoint - and produce safe and sustainable nano-enabled products. Video